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Matt Dubin

Did you notice that Ron Paul was the only Presidential candidate with supporters at the march? He is also the only major candidate who will begin the orderly withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Iraq immediately. Unlike Hillary, he voted against the war and against the Patriot Act. He will restore the constitution and end our global empire maintenance, focusing instead on restoring a just society at home. You may not agree with all of his policies, but there's way more good than bad.

Join us for a rally to support Congressman Paul at Victor Steinbrueck Park just north of Pike Place Market on Saturday, November 10 from noon to 2pm.

If you are truly for Peace, Ron Paul is really the only viable candidate for President. The rest will just continue the war and expand it to Iran.

not my president

Yes I did notice that & noticed them also at the Hillary Clinton appearance downtown.
Ron Paul is the only acceptable Republican candidate and on some issues, better than
the top-tier Democrats. Thanks for posting.

Ally McRepuke

At the Los Angeles march, there indeed were plenty of Ron Paul supporters.

But there also were plenty of Kucinich, Edwards, and Obama supporters too.

We also had plenty of Greens, socialists, and communists. A very eclectic mix of political allegiances, for sure!

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