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I was online with him last night and asked him a question.

My question also concerns Buddhism

Who or what was instrumental in introducing you to this religion?

When I was in the Vietnam war I had lots of "down time" which gave me lots of opportunity to read. It was during that time that I found support for my deepest beliefs that I hold till this day.

His response:

down time was instrumental in my religious development, not only because it afforded me the opportunity to study but because it gave me the internal space for reflection. I needed the quiet moments to process everything that I was experiencing and also to fit those experiences in the moral framework I was building in my head. Academics introduced me to Buddhism, but all the moments of silence and reflection kept it alive for me in Iraq.
by: TheObjector


That is awesome!

I wanted to be there but Chris had arranged for us to go to "Across the Universe," which turned out to be cool - imagine a musical with the girlfriend of Marilyn Manson in the lead & it had all Beatle music and touches heavily on Vietnam war and protests - watched in today's times.

Other than having your past deconstructed, reconstructed and sold back to you for a price, it is a lesson for current generations.

& as you can surmise, the Clockwork Orange guy with his eyes pried open with the magical bus YouTube video is supposed to be what McCain needs to do in the area of reprogramming. He went in the wrong direction before.

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