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That is great! I collect autistic and outsider art and books about it.
I would like to post a link for another autistic savant genius architect-of-the-future.

Here you will see his gallery & can explore it. He is able to remember an entire city skyline
at a glance & duplicate it & could do so as a very young boy. He lives in the UK.



Bush is also set to veto the Children's Health Program, which is up for renewal.


Speaking of Asia:


Number of Buddhist monks protesting in Myanmar (Burma) has grown to a reported 100,000.

From the BBC:
Are others joining in?

In the initial days of the protests, the public did not appear to be involved - commentators suggested that they were too scared of retaliation.

But this has gradually changed as the demonstrations have grown in size.

Footage of one protest showed people lining the route as the monks marched, forming a chain to protect them from any retaliation from soldiers.



Check out the photoshow
This is what Democracy looks like - when we don't impose it - it grows from within.
But Myanmar doesn't have oil.

By the way - ought to post a link to the autism story on some autism and aspie blogs!

Larry Welkowitz

Very cool stuff on the kid from the Phillipines with autism. We have a kid here in keene with autism who has extraordinary architecture skills.


Here I am over at Larry Welkowitz' blog visiting! Thanks for coming by!

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