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not my president


Nugent video slamming Clinton and Obama lights up Web
Detroit Free Press, United States - 19 hours ago
A video of Michigan rocker Ted Nugent on stage, yelling profanities about Democratic presidential candidates Barak Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, ...

Bad-boy Rocker Nugent Attacks Obama And Clinton
CBS News, NY - 23 hours ago
By Daniel W. Reilly (The Politico) Though many of us here in The Crypt are fans of bad-boy rocker Ted Nugent, he didn’t win any political points by ...

Nugent Blows a Gasket Over Hillary and Barack
TMZ.com, CA - 5 hours ago
Rocker Ted Nugent referred to Senator Barack Obama as a "piece of s**t" and Senator Hillary Clinton as a "worthless b**ch" in a video making the the ...

Ted Nugent continues to pursue hard rock and conservative politics
Stockton Record, CA - 15 hours ago
Of course, you'd never expect right-wing rocker Ted Nugent to be one of them. True to form, however, the Nuge manages to have things his way on his new ...

Hannity Pummeled On His Hypocrisy Over Ted Nugent
News Hounds, CA - 16 hours ago
... even blind Republican viewers saw through his hypocrisy as he tried to excuse and defend rocker Ted Nugent’s vile comments about Hillary Clinton and ...

Ted Nugent Video: Rips Obama, Hillary With Machine Guns in Hand
National Ledger, AZ - Aug 24, 2007
By Jim Roberts Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama caught the full wrath of the "Motor City Madman" rocker Ted Nugent and it is captured in an online video. ...

Ted Nugent May Be Called On To Define The Meaning Of The Words ...
Idolator, NY - Aug 24, 2007
We all know that The Nuge is a classy guy, but this clip from a recent show--in which he invites "piece of shit" Barack Obama to suck on the machine gun ...

Peaceful Ted Nugent brings Shrapnel Tour to area
El Paso Times, TX - Aug 23, 2007
(Special to the Times) No man lives a more calm, peaceful, spiritual, family life than Ted Nugent. That may sound funny, coming from a guy whose schedule ...

INTERVIEW - Ted Nugent: teenage enthusiasm in granddad's body
Reuters India, India - Aug 17, 2007
By Adam Tanner LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Ted Nugent is exuberantly excited most of the time, but he grows even more animated when asked if he ever tires of ...

The important, the ironic and, sometimes, the idiotic from around ...
phillyBurbs.com, PA - 5 hours ago
Wonder why this video of a machine gun-toting Ted Nugent pausing mid-concert last Monday to suggest Barack Obama “suck on” and Hillary Clinton “ride” one of ...


Well the pictures is certainly frightening

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