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I heard that MN got less funding for maintenance
because the fed funds were to match what was passed
in the state legislature. People can say this is a
political agenda. I think that it is horrifying.
There are highways, bridges, and other structures all
over the country that were built a long time ago and
probably need maintenance or replacement that is not
happening because there is no money. Before this
happened I was hearing that health insurance for children
wasn't being passed because of lack of money yet it
seems like there is endless money to give Halliburton
to squander and not do anything but line rich pockets.
How much money
has been spent per person in Iraq and the Iraqi people
are living in misery, without power or infrastructure.
To use a really BAD term its highway robbery.
Its a tremendously sad statement on the levels to
which selfishness can be escalated in a country that
became strong through people cooperating and working
together to build a country that used to be an inspiration to the world. Where are we now???
You wouldn't have millionaires and billionaires if there
wasn't this infrastructure. OPB used to run a documentary about the levees and what would happen
if they gave out and how New Orleans would be flooded.
It seemed like every time I watched that thing was on
there. It gave me nightmares, but at the time I did
not realize how quickly it would all come true. If OPB
had this documentary running about once a week about
how the corps of engineers wasn't maintaining these
levees you have to think it had to be fairly common
knowledge and not a big surprise like some would want
you to believe. How many horrible tragedies need to
occur before something is done to attempt prevention?

Nyc Alberts

PS: Somebody can blow the whistle on me....

Anytime, I won't mind.



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