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not my president

Bush's comment didn't go over well with the natives.

Comment from another NOLA native (from DCP blog):

“There’s still obstacles, and there’s still work to be done,” the president said. “But there’s been a lot of progress made, and that’s what people have got to understand. And I have come to this site — what we call Ground Zero, this is where the worst of the worst of the storm hit — to be able to show the American people that through their generosity, this infrastructure has been rebuilt.”


Thats what people have GOT to understand???
They've GOT to understand?

Ummm, you useless prick, YOU don't understand!

Everyone else does...


WE call it Ground Zero????


Who's WE?

And how many Ground Zero's can you claim under YOUR watch?

How Many?


One bridge was rebuilt in Mississippi, and that's progress? That's rebuilding the infrastructure????

“If George Bush’s government were as good and decent and focused as the people of New Orleans, whole parts of the city would not still look like the storm just hit. This is a national disgrace,” said Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who launched his campaign last year from the devastated Ninth Ward.

Posted by: monkey at August 29, 2007 03:47 PM

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