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Ally McRepuke

US Out of Iraq - and into SAUDI ARABIA.

The home of Osama Bin Laden and most of the 9/11 terrorists.

An undemocratic Islamic theocracy with the most barbaric of moral laws.

Has a very anti-Western, anti-democratic academic curriculum, ensuring breeding of even more future terrorists.

If the war hawks want all these other Middle Eastern countries, they better want Saudi Arabia too - or they are hypocrites.


Just before his trip to Seattle, a motorcycle escort in New Mexico died at another fundrasier. It's the second officer to die in his motorcade. Here is the text:


A New Mexico motorcycle police officer crashed and died on Monday while escorting U.S. President George W. Bush and his motorcade from a political fund-raiser back to the airport, the White House said.

The officer, Germain Casey, crashed as the president's motorcade was arriving at the airport and his limousine passed by the scene where two other officers were performing CPR on the fatally injured man.


Oh, I love the freeper with the sign Out of Iraq, Into Iran! Looks like he'd be a fine soldier! Age, good health, and definitely into it.

(You should warn friends that you are going to have freeper pics too! Makes me want to scratch out my eyes to see the CRAZIES out in the daylight)/

Great video!


There will be something to offend everyone. It's slow uploading right now but I took 'em as I saw 'em, unlike the media - who gave more-than-equal-time to the small knot of wingnuts while ignoring the masses of citizens demanding their Constitutional rights.


Here is the YouTube link for this video


Great pictures. Can't wait to see the rest.


What's with Seattle? I can't figure out why we're so silent here in the East. For the Moveon-related demonstrations on the 28th, the vigil in Boston seemed to have no more than about 200 people. Congrats should go to the organizers--who did a wonderful job arranging an uplifting event--but the turnout was dispiriting.


Unfortunately, our MoveOn Vigil turnout was also small. The photos a little higher up with the candles are from that event. It had alot of publicity too. It's the same diehards, one of whom has been out there every single Sunday since 2002!!! It is dispiriting.

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