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a-noodle (from Dailykos)

Copied from Dailykos to the blogpost above entered as a comment:

states rights when they coincide with their agenda, otherwise the states can go F* themselves.

A disgrace. And I love how states' rights are always ignored when the States are blue. Gun laws? F*** you. Providing insurance for children? Again, F*** you.

But, you want to be able to carry a concealed weapon, shoot anyone who enters your house on site, and prevent two adults from having a consensual relationship and equal rights, go right ahead.

Such a douchebag.

Nyc Albert

Read Dr. Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians to fully understand the 30%.


The 30%ers are not the ones to worry about, they are a completely lost cause.

It's the 21% that will be manipulated by our Corporate Media Empire into voting Republican that we need to concern ourselves with.



NYc! I read some of that book on authoritarians. I learned enough to know that I am the antithesis of that category of people.

Interesting stuff. Thanks for the link.


There goes my job.

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