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not my president

This is reposted from Democracy Cell Project, where it was a thoughtful comment on the cross-posted version of this article. I was taken aback by it but not surprised, as it's fairly easy to document.

The world held massive protests before the invasion of Iraq, the USA noticed and did not care. The Evidence presented before the UN was contrived, fraudulent, and fake. Only in the USA were people fooled, nobody else believed it.
From that point on, the USA had nowhere to go, it had committed itself to a Lie. The results of Iraq war are not even close to playing out...it will be 25 years before the full effects of the iraq war reveal themselves.

The world has moved on; Asia is the worlds economic engine. Europe is roaring ahead with technologies and research, Africa is developing its resources, with South America close behind. The US Dollar is at the point of collapse.

America needs to wake up and understand geopolitics do need USA in the equation any longer.
Russia is a Cash Machine, the largest petroleum seller on earth. Very soon it will be the largest LNG seller on earth ( Liquid Natural Gas). While the USA is spending a billion a day in Iraq, Russia is placing a Billion a day in the bank.
Europe Replaced the USA as the largest trading block with Asia in 2006. in 2007, Shanghai become the largest recipient of Capital in the world, replacing New York which held that title for decades.

America cannot win the world back...it can only hope it is not left too far behind.

Posted by: chinatool at July 23, 2007 01:24 PM

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