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from Rude Pundit:

You could be standing neck deep in a shit filled sewer, covered with syphilis sores and shoving a crucifix up your ass, and you'd still have the moral high ground over Ann Coulter.

Ally McRepuke

George Will on Newsweek argues that Fairness Doctrine is unnecessary, due to the liberal "strength" in academia and rank-and-file journalism. What a crock of crap he's spewing.

As for that sodomite by the name of Mann Coulter, I fully support Biblical punishment for sodomy.

Ally McRepuke

And what else are the great achievements of Reagan?

- Utter smearing of liberals and Democrats
(i.e. Republicans celebrate July 4th, Democrats celebrate April 15th)
(i.e. Democrats are for buying Cadillacs for welfare moms)
- Bringing in unneeded right wing immigrants from Nicaragua and Korea
- Dismissing AIDS as a "homosexual problem"
- Union busting
- and the list goes on...

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