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Very touching. And I wonder if the disgruntled warmonger was still of age to join the forces in Iraq. Had he heard that they will take people up to age 40 or so?

And that he could take an EMT course and go over there at ANY age?


I loved this. Thanks.

Ken said "keep up the good work & I'm proud of him."
Also "His photos are as fantastic as ever."

not my president

TEN American soldiers were killed in Iraq on the same day as the United States marked Memorial Day, its annual commemoration of its fallen troops, the military said.
The deaths confirmed May as the bloodiest month of the year so far for US soldiers, with 113 killed.

Eight of the soldiers were in killed in Diyala province, where a helicopter crash landed killing two crew members and six troops died in a bomb attack on their patrol vehicle, statements said.

Two more soldiers were killed on the same day in Baghdad by a roadside bomb.

The latest casualties brought the US death toll since the US-led invasion of March 2003 to 3465.

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