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Wow, earlier this week I dreamed I moved to Seattle. Now I know why.

I love the hug a bum guy -- get it while it's fresh. lol

I want to be a folkster. But I don't paint, photograph, dance (where anyone should see), draw, sing, or have dreadlocks. ;-(

Doug Tarnopol

Hey! Cool photos. Since comcast bounces my e-mails -- has anyone else complained about this? -- I'll post here: that Card protest you sent made my day, week, month! Terrific. Posted on my blog, sent to the world.

Best, Dug


Thanks! Loved the card protest and there is a story from a woman who was there at http://www.democracycellproject.net - hit DISCUSS then BLOG. It has the video too. I went there to tell them and they already had it. Now I'm sending around a Filibuster for Peace thing so hope that didn't get bounced too. Now I'm headed over to your blog.

Comcast bounces some of my emails or puts them in the filter - AOL sends back some things I send, for no reason. Why do we give these folks money for nothing? They're probably laughing all the way to the bank!

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