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How clever... you honk, we drink!

I like the spirit of this blogpost!! I hope we bury the republican party. If I were 20, I sure would do anything and everything!


I, too, like the playfulness of their drinking game. But tell me how you know that these three people are not following politics on cable (which might mean that they are more, not less, informed, given the quality of the coverage on cable). Did you interview them and they said something to that effect? Or are you assuming that those who drink and have a sense of humor are, inevitably, members of the same set who do not inform themselves or care about the current state of the world? Good thing you didn't interview them, or you'd have run the risk of discovering that your sense of political superiority was unwarranted.


I doubt following politics on cable makes one informed. Looking around you is probably more valuable.

I quit tv in 1991 during the Gulf War - too much propaganda.

Easier to follow on public radio and internet, and even then, it involves taking the whole thing with many grains of salt.

Read foreign papers!

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