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Excuse me, but I live in "suburbia". Can we maybe criticize the content of the message without engaging in the juvenile and lazy practice of slathering all of suburbia with that brush? Some of us live out ehre because it's where we could afford and because we want to raise our own food. Making gross generalizations neither makes your case nor helps your cause.


I'm glad your suburbia is more enlightened than my suburbia. I don't really see Humvees in the city but get right out of town and "War is terrorism" turns to nationalistic drivel. I have found religious tracts on my car, had bumper stickers replaced with wingnut ones & my diversity magnet was stolen. That happened in suburbia.

If you are raising your own food, more power to you, because you are in the minority. If you are unable to afford the city, I do believe that, as I could certainly not afford my house were I to attempt to buy it in 2007 instead of 1987. The price has expanded five fold but were I to sell it, I could now buy less than 20 years ago.

Criticism and debate intended constructively are appreciated.

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