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not my president

Don't be afraid.
Some of us have probably been on lists for years.
Can't let that stop us.

In solidarity with those in search of peace, freedom and
justice all over the world.

There are far too many tyrants and we are the most powerful
nation, or we were.

Ally McRepuke

The Muslim terrorists won, because W fell into their plan, and took away many American freedoms. Fearmongering and loss of freedom were their plan, and W did exactly that.

And as you already know, Christianity can be just as evil as Islam (if not worse). The same is true of any other patriarchal religion - or any religion (even peace-loving matriarchal ones, if used improperly).


I am not scared about exercising my constitutional rights but there is just something so utterly distasteful about having the sense that big brother is watching. I think it's a greater affront to my person knowing there is an invisible watch on me. More so than if the Chief of Police showed up and arrested me for expressing dissent.

The invisible oppression that you can't quite put your finger on is more odorous to my sense of humanity and dignity. Strange that.

Oh, I full well plan to say and do as I please. But if I sit her tonight knowing the truth of my government's despotic and totalitarian attacks on my freedom, and I don't act with fierceness to shut it down, they have ALREADY WON.

That sits on my conscience heavily.


Well - here it is Nov 2010 - and look who is big brother now? Who is prying into every crevasse of our being? Taking my hard earned money - taking my hard-earned healthcare - taking the financial future of my children. Not just mine, but from all the hardest working people I know especially we small business owners who have sacrificed SO MUCH for our independence. Who do we thank now?? Who are we working for now?? And are you still as paranoid as you were in 2007?? Well - you should be. I didn't get you then - and I certainly don't get you now. Thank God (and YES I mean God) that intelligence (vs pathologically idealistim) is making it's way back into government.

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