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Doug to DiAnne

Pretty ugly, and the 2008 budget cut VA funds, I believe.

How about killing SDI and some other high-priced useless projects, taking half the savings and fund vets' care, and take half and redistribute into the rest of the economy, through spending in much-needed areas or targeted tax cuts?

But increasing the DoD budget in a blanket sense, as Obama has indicated, will do nothing but fill our VA system with yet more people broken in body and soul, while sucking funds out of our rapidly disintegrating economy.

I may end up voting for Obama (or even Hillary), but it's a sad commentary that no one can even approach the nomination in either party without kowtowing to the M-I complex and the Israel lobbies. Hard to tell the two apart, actually.

Nyc to DiAnne

Go to http://www.apenwarmedinhell.blogspot.com
to see an amazing treatment of this story

not my president

Nobody reads your goddamn blog. LOL
This Reduced Me to Tears - Hotel Aftermath & Poll - by testvet

not my president

A right on response I got during a discussion of the topic:

Norquist wants to shrink the goverment until it's small enough to go
down a bathtub drain.

But no conservative wants to shrink the military, which is over half
of our government spending, whether discretionary or not (over
payments on our debt, social security, medicare/aid, and all domestic

Eisenhower's warning about the military-industrial complex couldn't of
been more prescient. All those years of Cold War have left us with
the mentality that war is the only way we can survive, when in fact,
our military spending is another welfar system, but this time on a
grander scale than anybody could imagine.

We're redistributing wealth, but not to the poor. It's rare to see a
military contractor that doesn't pay outstanding wages.

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