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Good God, y'all!

Nyc Labretš

Here's a happy tribute from back in the day:
Isn't it awesome that he got this sort of thing when he was still with us, and alive to enjoy it?

Doug Tarnopol

Being nearly 37, I can't claim to have been around in Brown's prime. I also missed seeing him -- several times.

However, my main memories are of the raw power of his music -- blasted at parties, in clubs, and recognizable through the many imitations and permutations in those that followed him, a popular-musical legacy matched only by the Beatles in breadth and originality.

The minimalist constrained power, with periodic explosions; the strong bass lines; the perfect tightness of the band; the marriage of sexuality and transcendence that defines all great American popular music...that's mostly what I remember, among images of happy, sweaty people of all ages and colors responding to the beat.



Courtesy of Doug:
James Brown in his own words, at Democracy Now - transcript at link or click for the video:


I was 14 years old or so, went to the Mitchell SD Roller Drome, saw a group called DD Knight Train and the Soul Express - tall local white guy doing the James Brown thing, complete with being draped in cape and falling to the floor - several black guys in the band too, with trombones even - from Dakota Wesleyan University (Alma Mater of George McGovern).

Anyway, they did all James Brown music and I'd never heard of James Brown or heard him, so having no internet, I stayed up late at night and picked up radio stations in Chicago and Little Rock. I ordered singles from Sam's in Toronto by mail. I wrote to Hit Parader magazine talking about what I'd heard - ended up with 40 penpals - prisoners, soldiers in Vietnam, hippies, black kids etc. Visited some of them by Greyhound, spent most of my time in school writing to them and got at least 5 letters per day.

Saw James Brown at Bumbershoot in Seattle in the 80s. He wore a green satin tux with tails, but sleeveless, as he was buff. Saw him again on the Pier in Seattle in 1998 and Maceo Parker opened. I couldn't take my camera in so had to leave it with security, forgot it and went home then remembered. Rushed back there and James Brown was just leaving in his limo, leaned out and waved. Got a picture of me all dressed up still, next to the James Brown tour bus!

Saw Maceo 2 years ago on New Year's Eve. EMP (the Paul Allen music museum) had a Funk Tribute a couple of years ago, with simulated party with all 5 senses - motion, Smell-a-Vision, virtual James Brown, virtual Parliament-Funkadelic. They still have some James Brown etc. stage costumes on display. George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic have been here a few times. Soul, funk, rap and disco owe alot to James Brown, Godfather of Soul!


I just can't help wondering what is to become of his wife, who was locked out of the house apparently by James Brown's attorneys on orders of James Brown. Sorry to be a fly in the ointment. I loved James Brown. But, golly, striking out at someone from the grave.... pretty vicious. Oh well.


JB was a serious influence in much of the music that influences me. I only hope that the negative influence from his life as a wife beater, drug abuser and alcoholic isn't forgotten and set to the side like it all too often is by fans, the media and anyone else who gives "super stars" a pass on being moral people.

I'm sure reminding people of the dark and evil side of the godfather of soul isn't welcomed here, but I guess I don't care.


from my best friend in high school:

Remember when we used to see that band in Mitchell that did the James
Brown imitation? It had the minister's son in it whose brother was a
hemophiliac and it had a Geyerman in it.

from me - on a personal note

Yes I don't admire the domestic violence, history of juvie, use of drugs later in life etc. but have just read JB's autobio a couple of weeks ago and so it's more in context of his whole life.

What I do admire is the music, the example of performing consistently, creatively and originally against all odds.

..I don't care what you do, but whatever you do .. make it funky ..!!

not my president

When it comes to death, illness or execution, I'm not obsessed with Castro, Saddam or Ford .. leave that to others .. for me, it's a wake for James Brown for at least a week! Pump up the volume!!

I said the long-hair hippies and the afro blacks
They all get together across the tracks
And they PARTY
Ho! On the good foot
You know they dance on the good foot
Dance on the good foot


from my friend Peter in London:

Sorry D,
He made some get music but he was also a wife batttering, gun toting sob, get on down, it's a man's man's man's world and it wouldn't be nuthin, without PCP and a woman to batter.


I've added articles from the other James Brown funerals - some guy has the nerve to say he's number one fan, but that's ok. Also disappointed at the lack of postings because I thought I had more rabid James Brown fans than this - oh well.

I am not reading or watching about Saddam Hussein or Gerald Ford and the Godfather of Soul can not be truly upstaged, even by Lindsay Lohan's pole dancing or the emergent feud between Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, who were friends last week.


People are saying:

Baby, baby, baby, I got the feeling James Brown will surely always be
loved and missed by millions forever!When ever he would perform, he
was always on the Good Foot!, and made it FUNKY!
He was Always Live! Never Memorex!

The Godfather of Soul
He had So-o-o-ul, and was Super Bad!
He made his mark on the world, whenever I hear dance music,or just see dancing on vidoes, I will always think of him. He was an original, and left with the world with the same dramatic flow as he enter many fans lives with his dramatic flair and presentation. When it was all said
and done, Iam sure he left any engagement knowing, it was so good, so
good, "I got you"!

I have great memories of the Godfather. I attended his fantastic
performances in the mid-60's at the Township Auditorium in Columbia,
SC. Does anyone have the exact dates of those performances, especially 1964-1967? I met him and obtained his autograph after one of the showsand want to put a date on it. Thanks.

not my president

A Clown Not Smiling on the Inside:

You don't know where to start mourning today, whether for noted wife beater James Brown, Nixon's BFF Gerald Ford, or torture aficionado Saddam Hussein, not to mention residual tears for Augusto Pinochet and his magical people-disappearing act. So perhaps it's best just to send in the clown (really):

"Harpo T. Clown painted on a happy face, then stood sadly Friday in front of the church where Gerald Ford, the former president he called a friend, was being remembered by family and well-wishers.

"The colorful character wore blue and white sequins, a neon green fuzzy wig and white floppy shoes and stood just beyond the police barricade near the church.

"The clown, who is mute, nodded when asked if he was sad. He pulled out a scrapbook of photographs showing him standing alongside President Ford at various charitable events and golf tournaments in the area. He also attended the Grand Rapids, Mich., opening of Ford's presidential museum in 1982.

"Harpo, who lives in Palm Springs but won't divulge his real name, nodded vigorously when asked if he was a Republican and when asked if he missed his friend, President Ford.

"When Palm Desert police officers walked up to check him out, he maintained his silence and scribbled down notes which the officers read before walking away.

"To get into the church to pay his respects, Harpo would have had to go to a public staging area five miles away for a bus escort. He chose to stay close to the barricades outside the church."


Google Contest

8 PM PST 30 Dec. 2006

Washington Honors A President
Ford's Casket Arrives at US Capitol ABC News
all 1,548 news articles »

Fans bid joyous farewell to Godfather of Soul
all 2,401 news articles »

Saddam Hussein executed
all 2,266 news articles »



I cross-posted that at Daily Kos and the diary is going down fast.
A guy named Jon wrote this though. I tried to link to this site at some other blogs but the moderators didn't let me. :(

None of them are worthy (1+ / 0-)
Gerald Ford, although undeniably a good man, was an unelected, caretaker president who will forever remain a footnote to the Watergate saga.

Saddam Hussein was an evil tyrant, but penny-ante in the context of events before and yet to come. Likely his name will be remembered the Ante Pavelic's is remembered – as a bit player in a much larger drama. Kudos, by the way, if you know who Ante Pavelic is without looking it up.

James Brown was a talented musical innovator whose legacy will be forever marred by his personal failings, most notably his repeated history of domestic abuse.

Sadly we seem to live in a time of very small personages.


This is so cool! Screw the media - the say things about James Brown and about Michael Jackson that they'd never say if they were white. I'm glad this turned out as it did.

Michael Jackson praises James Brown as inspiration

AUGUSTA, Georgia (Reuters) - Pop star Michael Jackson, rarely seen in the United States since being acquitted of child molestation charges, came out of seclusion on Saturday to attend James Brown's funeral and won a vote of confidence from civil rights leader Al Sharpton.

Jackson praised Brown as an inspiration after being invited to the stage by Sharpton during his eulogy of "the godfather of soul."

"I don't care what the media says tonight, James Brown wanted Michael Jackson with him here today," Sharpton said in a booming voice.

"He said ... 'I love Michael.' He said, 'Tell him don't worry about coming home. They always scandalize those that have the talent. But tell him we need to clean up the music and I want Michael and all of them that imitated me to come back and lift the music back."'

Jackson, who has been living abroad since being found not guilty of molestation charges in California in June 2005, called Brown "my greatest inspiration." He told the audience of 9,000 at the James Brown Arena that from the age of 6 his mother would make him watch television whenever Brown came on to perform.

"When I saw him move I was mesmerized," Jackson, 48, said. "I've never seen a performer perform like James Brown and right then and there I knew that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

"James Brown, I shall miss you and I love you so much. Thank you for everything," said Jackson, who wore a black leather jacket, black pants and sunglasses.

Jackson was a child star with the Jackson 5 on the Motown record label and achieved global fame as a solo artist. His "Thriller" album in 1982 became a smash hit selling 27 million units worldwide and yielding seven top-ten singles. The next year he unveiled his signature "moonwalk" -- a dance move similar to one of Brown's -- while performing "Billie Jean" during an NBC special.

Since the molestation case ended, Jackson has spent time in Bahrain, Ireland and France and has said he planned to move to Europe in a bid to resurrect his career. Earlier this month he reportedly had been discussing a comeback in Las Vegas.

He made a musical appearance in November in London, his first since his acquittal, but fans said he looked uncomfortable and struggled with high notes.

More Funky Kossacks

My brother is having trouble posting here or at Kos. Damn!

Anyway, these are good. Good people.

James Brown wins the Google battle (0 / 0)
and he is also the one I want to read about now.

Saddam is an ongoing nightmare.

Ford represents the end of a nightmare from the past.

James Brown brings back memories from teen club, but his fast-dance music was just a prelude to the slow dances. It was "My Girl" that brought everyone to the dance floor.

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. Horace Mann (and btw, the bike in kayakbiker is a bicycle)

by Kayakbiker on Sat Dec 30, 2006 at 08:54:45 PM PST
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James Brown is in the lead, be proud. (0 / 0)
Sure, the Godfather had problems. Who amongst us doesn't?

He decided to be not any black performer, watered down to please a white audience, he decided to be who he was: a loud, proud, black man who could sing like no one's sung before. No puttin on skin lightener, ironing and slicking his hair before going on stage. He was the real thing.

Bush is a Deatheater -7.50, -7.79

by Rogneid on Sat Dec 30, 2006 at 09:53:52 PM PST
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I have now added the picture of Jacko with Sharpton and Jesse Jackson - now that is historic!!!

not my president

from Boston:

A little New Year's Day tidbit

Interesting bit of history here... James Brown performed live in Boston, the
day after Dr. Martin Luther King was assasinated. Originally cancelled, 38
year-old Mayor Kevin White decided that the concert should go on - and be
televised LIVE (on public televison station WGBH), and then re-broadcast
later that evening. This decision is widely regarded as having kept Boston
from the riots that broke out around the country following Dr. King's death
- ticketholders were in the Boston Garde (and not on the street), people
stayed home (and off the street) and watched it on television, and those
attending the concert in downtown Boston rushed home to see the performance
again on television (again keeping people off the street)... I'm sure you
can find out more about the concert by searching the internet...

HOWEVER, you can find the AUDIO here - fresh from the WGBH archives, and not
heard in over 35 years (note how the announcer refers to "negro singer Jimmy
Brown and his group):



Each part is about an hour long...

from Minneapolis:

CNN plans to broadcast his memorial service today I think at 2 or 3 pm EST. It may be one that had performers at it.


James Brown has made many missteps during his life, battling the
demons of bad judgment throughout. He often lost many of those
battles, as humans are sometimes known to do.

In that respect, he was no role model. But through his music, he made
many very positive influences in this world. He certainly influenced
my life greatly.

Those who followed his incredible life story know that James Brown
was a consummate musician who would settle for nothing less than
perfection. His performances were always worth every penny, he gave
the audience no less than 100% effort, even in his later years when
his aged body struggled to move in the unique style that it once did.

He was seventy-three years old when he passed away. He was scheduled
to perform two shows at B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill in New York
City on New Years Eve. The man is amazing.

He rightly earned the title, "The Hardest Working Man in Show
Business" and he is, "The Godfather of Soul."

Years ago I heard him talking about all of the troubles in the world
and he said something that was rather profound being a simple man of
little formal education. He said, "The war should be on ignorance,
once you get past that, everything else will work itself out." Take a
moment to think about that statement. Truly amazing.

James Brown, the show is over. There will be no encore. The Hardest
Working Man in Show Business can finally take a well deserved rest.
No longer will you be taunted by the demons of this mortal life. You
have left a legacy of music that is often emulated but never equaled.
That legacy will continue to touch the hearts, and change the lives
of so many who enjoyed the bountiful fruits of your labor. True
blood, sweat, and tears.

Rest in peace JB, we love you.

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