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Ally McRepuke

DiAnne - you hit it close to me.

I live in a suburb with my folks, because they believed that they were getting a cheaper and safer neighborhood, free of "undesirable" blacks and Latinos. They believed that they were going to get their property values protected (and even enhanced). And the inner-city traffic woes would not exist.

They are dead wrong. Traffic is MUCH worse out here in the boondocks than in downtown Los Angeles. Our "morally upright" white neighbors have killed my cat in a post-victory orgy after Selection 2004. Property values? There are more desirable areas closer to Los Angeles that are just as inexpensive.

The only plus, for my father (who's a Repuke btw), is that you only get neocons as your neighbors and as your legislators. In fact, the Democrats have completely abandoned any thought of representing me and my area, and I'm incensed over it. (That's one reason why I've disappeared from DCP lately.)

I'll be moving next year to an area where, at least, there is a good mix of tolerant people, and mass transit is a viable option. I'm fed up with suburbs!


Another ironic thing is that quite a few Koreans live in this particular suburb that I cruised yesterday. I'm not sure what the story is.

Today I found another suburban area that I'll feature next and it is in the opposite direction, south.

It's more culturally varied, more blue, more multicultural than melting pot and does not have the reputation of "better schools" etc. - it's actually much more interesting and I would think the property values are even better, as far as investments.

I will travel down Rainier Avenue South through the Central District (mostly African-American) through Columbia City (gentrifying), with areas in between that are heavily Vietnamese-American and other.

I have also found an Ethiopian strip mall and in Minneapolis there is Somaliland, with a great store called The Holy Land.

I would rather see America become more multicultural, like Canada, rather than a "melting pot."

To that end, I am reprinting something I got from a friend who is emigrating to Canada:

As a Canadian, I have to disagree with your proposed 'United States of Canada". Canada has provinces not states, so the name of the expanded country will remain 'Canada'. Please leave your imperial attitudes in your country of origin. You are not taking over Canada, you are arriving as guests with propects of becoming Canadian citizens.

Canada would be pleased to admit Washington as a province in order to round out its protection of its major west coast port of Vancouver.

Canada does not want Oregon or California in order to prevent the emergence of a political entity called Cascadia which, of course, would be a serious blow to a coast-to-coast-to-coast Canada.

Michigan we would probably give to our natives to fulfill the promise we made to them for their support in Canada's victory in the War of 1812.

We would be interested in reclaiming Maine and would also be interested in adding New Hampshire, Vermont and upstate New York. We are not interested in Massachusetts or lower New York state because of the drain on the public purse when global warming indundates Boston and New York City.

In addition, all of this would happen over time in order to avoid an American take over Canadian politics. We will give you time to leave behind all those unproductive American attitudes and adopt the more progressive and communal attitudes of Canadians.

There will be some surprises when an American immigrates to Canada:

1. Canada is a multi-cultural country not a melting pot. This means that you will be involved with people of different cultures on their terms.

2. There is strict gun control and no right to bear arms.

3. There is less litigation in Canada. Monetary awards are significantly less. There are no draconian prison sentences.

5. Taxes are higher.

6. There is a national medical system. While you are free to choose your physician, you cannot buy treatments.

7. There are two official languages - English and French.

8. If you live in Quebec your children will be educated in aFrench language school and you will be restricted to an official list of names for new-borns. You will meet people who do or refuse to speak English.

9. Canada's main enemies are the U.S. (now Jesusland) and Denmark.

10. Communism has a legal political party.

11. One of our favourite vacation spots is Cuba.

12. The growing season is shorter. Winter is longer and colder. Be prepared to like and participate in winter sports.

13. Canadians have a respect for but are wary of Americans (based on 400 years of American attempts to take over Canada).

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