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Ally McRepuke

That's definitely more interesting than your last post.

I wonder what the story is with the Baptist church. Is it Southern Baptist, or some other variety? Does it come with a Korean congregation?

Thanks for sharing again!


Most of the Korean stuff is in the north end, in the area of the post before this one - and in South Tacoma. Alot of Koreans came here after the Korean war. I'm not sure just how that happened, except that alot of the area now inhabited by Vietnamese and others was at that time Italian!

Ally McRepuke

Thanks for the clarification, DiAnne...

I do know that most of the Korean and Vietnamese waves happened after the liberalization of immigration laws in 1965, and in the case of the Vietnamese, coincided with the loss of South Vietnam.

When the right wingers seized power in the 1980s, they couldn't go back to the old quota system - so they gave back door preferences to their favorite nationalities (i.e. made it easier to qualify for a visa, granted visas even when the US labor market couldn't take in more immigrants).

It is a fact that Korean immigration peaked during the Reagan era, waned during the Clinton era, and picked back up during the W era.

I know that the Nicaraguan homophobes also got lots of back door amnesties, but given their election of a leftist leader, I don't know how favored they'll be from now on.

The level at which our immigration system is broken never ceases to amaze me.

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