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Julie Lawyer

What a colorful event and I was surprised to
see Tinkerbell there.


I too would love to see "little produce stands." :-)
Pictures are fantastic, as always.


Pot is a great thing! In Amsterdam, I've never seen any serious problem due to weed, and I would love to find it at Rite Aid or Walmart.
But considering the influence of the US in the world, it would send a bad signal to more than 6 billion people... We can't afford to let everybody think that pot is totally risk-less, for the good reason that it's not !

Don't get me wrong ,I love it, but you need to smoke it with moderation, otherwise you'll become mad, have car accident, involve other people and create some damage. Same with cigs and alcohol, right ? But it's not because we cannot ban them anymore that we should add onether legal drug my friends...


I agree! Moderation is the key!

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