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Ally McLesbian

DiAnne, thanks for sharing! You briefly mentioned this at DCP, and I had to look.

This reminds me, I need to get the %(*$#^[email protected](* out of my fundamentalist Christian Korean hellhole known as Los Angeles suburbia. Here, the more wars W starts, the better.



Here's my comment, also sent to the author via personal email. I don't have much else to add, other than I lament very much the times we are in today. ALL of it was avoidable. All of the killing.

This piece and the message is really quite beautiful. In my anger and frustration, I forget that the primary force
against evil is positive intention. jeeze, don't know
if I should be an insurgent or a buddhist monk
meditation on total peace! These times have turned me
into a split personality.

Charles Hall

Hey Dio,
Nice report. I agree with your observations and opinions.

I miss our Dad.

Love, Chas

Julie Lawyer

The article and the pictures are inspiring.
Every inspiration towards peace is worthwhile.
Without peace how can there really be any real
happiness in the world.

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