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Hey DiAnne,

I just got back from seeing "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with my son--it was both his reward for his great photography today as well as an escape from the heat of the afternoon.

So your story is here and the pics are great, as usual, and thank you for all you do!


You are so fortunate to have a Congressman with a brain. I am stuck with Henry Hyde. Soon that should change. We are mobilizing to replace him with Christine Cegelis

not my president

Thanks for hitting our blog - come check it out anytime!
It's cool that we did this Downing Street thing coast to coast & I hope it's the start of an inquiry that leads logically to where it needs to go - housecleaning!


Video Special: Downing Street Memo Teach-In | Part I: The Case Against Bush
t r u t h o u t was in Los Angeles where Congresswoman Maxine Waters led a teach-in that included actor and activist Mike Farrell, Reverend Jim Lawson and Fernando Suarez Del Solar. We will be posting video clips from the event throughout the week.

Overflow Crowds Mark Anniversary of Downing Street Memo
Hundreds of people were turned away yesterday as capacity crowds packed public forums in US cities to discuss the Downing Street Memo and related evidence that President Bush lied about the reasons for war.

not my president

Someone asked if yesterday's Downing Street Memo events were getting much publicity - I did a Google News Search and it's pathetic. Coverup!!

main outlets:
SF Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune.

Here are some of the outlets that reported on the events of yesterday or mentioned them - mostly small and obscure:

The Argus (CA), Montclarion, American Chronicle, Uruknet (Italy), Kansas City InfoZine, Contra Costa Times, Political Affairs Magazine, Louisville Counter Journal, KESQ (CA), Common Dreams, Poughskeepie Journal, Dissident Voice, Daily Review On-Line, Oakland Tribune, One World net, Eunweb, Waldo Village Soup, OpEd News, Pacifica Radio, the New American, SitNews (ARK), Washington Date Line, Scoop, BuzzFlash (Turd Blossom Baloney Distracting From Downing Street Memo), People's Weekly World, CounterPunch, InfoShop, Mother Jones.

The Wall Street Journal called it the "so-called Downing Street Memo."

Most of the news searches say "11 related" or "16 related."

Sad - it's like when 11 million of us worldwide protested simultaneously against rushing into a calamitous and morally wrong war and were ignored.

Still, the Downing Street Memo is real and the death caused by the miscalculations and deceitfulness are real. We have to do this.

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