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Okay.... it is not fair play to have such a funny picture associated with such a serious story!!

How devilish.

are u serious

was it really necessary to block out that cats eyes? lol its so ridiculous, like anyone is gonna look at that picture and think "hmmm i think that's the cat that lives down the road from me....BUT I CANT BE SURE, BECAUSE THEY'VE BLOCKED HIS EYES IN THE PICTURE". What possible need is there to block his eyes, are you worried that your cat will become inundated with fan male and harassed on its daily wanderings by flocking fans desperate to hear its opinions on global warming?

Lol ridiculous photo and your statement

"That wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago and it wouldn’t happen today if global warming wasn’t real."

Is completely unfounded, for example - did you measure the temperature that day and compare it to similar times of the month 10 years ago? Do you have results from a "cat on hot tarmac" test that was stringently performed in controlled test conditions 10 years ago, that you can now compare to your current findings from this recent event - such as time spent on tarmac, heat, humidity, the type of concrete, etc etc?

The answer to these questions is clearly no and so such a statement based on a cat with sore feet is ludicrous and unjustifiable.

And all this fuss about carbon dioxide, did you ever stop to think that the majority of global warming is caused by methane, prominent in animal agriculture...e.g. cows eat grass, to produce huge amounts of milk to satisfy customer need, which means they FART a lot and destroy the ozone layer.

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