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As the inventor of Earglasses™ I must disagree with your "damn with faint praise" summary of the benefits of my hearing assistance device. The results that your student measured match closely with the more sophisticated measures derived by the testing labs I employed. The BENEFIT of that "modest" gain can be heard in a demonstration I posted at http://www.earglasses.com/demo.htm

Incidentally, I've received unsolicited letters of thanks and effusive praise from hundreds of users among the hundred thousand customers we served while we still marketed the former product.

I suspect that my passive device produced greater satisfaction rates among those with mild to moderate hearing losses than the typical electronic aid. After all, six out of seven purchasers of even digital hearing aids still wind up setting them aside after a few months of frustrated efforts to get satisfactory results.

This is interesting I've never encountered an "earglass" before!

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