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I LOVED his honesty and ability to speak freely. There are so many that share his same thoughts, but lack both the courage and platform to express it. What irritates me is that when someone white brings such issues to the conciousness of other whites it's an epiphany, but when a person of color does it's considered "whiny"...when will we say enough is enough? I question how far we've really come...


The same response happens with women and feminism - we can be called ball breakers, dykes, feminazis etc.

I question much of the "progress" in the last 40 years.

Success is the best revenge but it seems elusive sometimes.

Thanks for your comment.


That was a great article. I wonder what the answer to most of his questions will be? Whites are likely calling him a turn coat. It's difficult to look in the mirror and admit what you see.

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I pray for President Obama and his family's safety from racists every day. I am adding God bless Andrew M. Manis for the courage to speak out, and I pray also for his safety and the safety of his family from those who don't appreciate his candor.




The Reds are in big trouble once Whites can talk about race qutoas without being punished. Immigration is inescapably tied to race, for example. All topics can be brought to the table, Dark criminality, Dark innate dull-wittedness and the destruction of our schools, Dark breeding habits and the displacement of Whites, Dark consumption of White resources and the drain on our economy. And once the Darks are open for criticism, we can also talk about their allies and enablers, the elites in general and Jews in particular. Nor can the Hindus and Orientals escape scrutiny, once the Jews are on the table. From esophagus to anus, the whole multi-cult is connected. The Regime will be out to silence this fellow faster than a Mel Gibson. I don't trust him and I suspect he's only out to succeed BHO, but I hope he keeps making noise.


Well maligning Jews is not a very good place to start. We need to all co-exist and stop making artificial religious and racial distinctions. The illusion of separation is what kills us.

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