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Imagine my surprise to see my kids on the blog! :)

How anyone could put a negative spin on this is beyond me. These kids were holding signs that said things like "HOPE" and "Pro-Family" It was such a diverse group of people and it was a positive atmosphere.

What is most important, I think, is that it inspired conversations with my kids about what I want for them, for their future. And that, as they grow, we may not always agree on things, but they should always speak their minds, remain curious, learn, discuss, grow. What more could any of us want for their children?

It wasn't mindless following, it was quite the opposite for our family...that is for anyone who was open to the message...


I posted this comment on your "Two Adult Men with Signs" page (ha!), but I wanted to put it here, too. Thanks, SMP, for reporting the truth about this parade: that it was a positive, joyful event where kids could express themselves. And you got a sweet photo of my daugher, which I'll be "borrowing" to send to her grandparents! Anyway, here's the comment:

From the video: "little kids forced to sing Kim Jong Il's praises."

No one was forcing any of the children at the "Kids for Obama" parade to be there. The atmosphere was one of celebration and self-expression, not opression and brainwashing.

What makes me ill about the comparison of this parade to "Hitler Youth"--well, there are a lot of things that make me ill about it--is that the comparison is based on the assumption that kids can't think for themselves. They do have brains, you know, and can form their own opinions when given the facts.

I, for example, volunteered for my first Democratic gubernatorial campaign when I was 15 (incidentally, it was in the red state in which a grew up, and let's just say my parents didn't agree with me). But my parents supported the fact that I could think for myself and could take my own initiative. I appreciated their attitude then, I and I still do, and I want to pass that innate trust and confidence on to my daughter, which is why I was at the parade.

Secondly, many of the people making the "Hitler Youth" comparison probably attend church, and probably bring their kids with them. How is that any different than bringing your kids to a parade in support of a political candidate? I go to church (a Catholic one, for what it's worth); my religion brings me peace and joy, which I want to share with my daughter. So I bring her with me. I fully realize that when she grows up, she may reject our religion and choose her own. I see politics in the same light: Obama's campaign gives me hope and happiness. I want my daughter to share some of that.


I too volunteered at age 15 - on my own - in a red state (South Dakota) - for an antiwar candidate - Eugene McCarthy!

I made my own decisions and prior to that I had my own questioning of the foreign policy of this country, of some of the religious teachings I was exposed to, and many other things that I was told by adults and the media and at school.

People grossly underestimate kids. Even my support for Obama and also Kerry in the last election started because of things my son told me!!

Dean Fuller

"What makes me ill about the comparison of this parade to "Hitler Youth"--well, there are a lot of things that make me ill about it--is that the comparison is based on the assumption that kids can't think for themselves. They do have brains, you know, and can form their own opinions when given the facts."

Kids can think for themselves. That's what tends to get them into trouble until they've reached emotional maturity. When does that happen? For some, it never happens.

Facts? I doubt many of these kids could get the all the facts being reared in a typical Seattle household. Teach your kids this fact until they know it to be true then see what they think about Obama: The USA is a constitutional republic in which the People delegate to the government certain very limited and sharply defined powers. The People retain all powers, even when delegated. Most of what Obama (and McCain) promote or endorse is so far outside of any Federal constitutional authority as to be absurd on it's face.


Universal Health Care: Where is the constitutional authority?
National Parks/Forests: Where is the constitutional authority?
Gun Control: Where is the constitutional authority?
Welfare (individual and corporate): Where is the constitutional authority?
Nationalized Education (Federal DOE): Where is the constitutional authority?

Ask your kids to find the constitutional authority for any of these programs (the US Constitution is written at an 11th grade level), and ask them to reconcile their support for McCain or Obama with whatever they find. Challenge them to think critically! While they're at it, you do the same.



please do not assume that because (1) I do not agree with you and (2) I do not use constitutional authority as my only lens for making voting decisions, I do not think critically.

Thank you.


Constitution is pretty open to interpretation.
That keeps life interesting.

Dean Fuller

But if the authority isn't delegated, then there's nothing to interpret, right?

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