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I'm all by my lonesome but when I saw the "Geezer *Dingbat" yard sign, I laughed so much my German Shepherd, Cody, came over to the pc to see what was going on. I'm not mean spirited, really I'm not. At this point in the election, I think I'm just slap happy.


My friend took the photo with her own camera, near her own yard!!


May or may not be clever to see the handmade sign
All depends on what side they are on - a lot border on what I would
think could qualify quite easily for hate speech - there is one not
far from us that says NO OBAMA-Nation Then there was some screwball who
got himself on TV with his homemade signs tonight. I will see if I can get
a link to the picture. Here is the link:


for those that are "voting for the chick" -- a very funny youtube song parody "Hopelessly Devoted to Sarah Palin". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWG1gI2tx3k


Love the Geezer Dingbat sign my favorite from the last two years. When ever I get down from volunteering so much or get a bunch of callers who hang up on me you always make me laugh and put things in to perspective. I am getting more Obama's these days so that is a good sign I think we will win NC.

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