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Was Hitler offering Children education and healthcare or was he promoting divisive policies that attacked non-Chirstians and gays to name a few?

Dean Fuller

Obama is also not "offering" kids education and healthcare. He is proposing forcing it down the throats of their parents.


Give me a break


My kids knew exactly why they were there. They have watched every debate with us. We also have gone through both candidates’ websites and listened to their speeches. Watching Governor Palin talk; especially, as a woman and as a mother she does not symbolize a portray of fairness and leadership, intellect, experience or knowledge. She has proven to be a liar, mean woman and incompetent mother and unfair governor. As for McCain, my kids do not find it funny when he jokes about bombing other countries, like Iran and killing people. Or the way he talks about and to Senator Obama. In sports and in school and at home kids have been taught to be respectful and honest to all people and your opponent. They both walked the 3 miles for Obama, for their future and for their countries. As they have showed again and again, McCain/Palin supporters are mean, just like these two gentlemen. Soon, it will be hard for nice republicans to admit they are republicans since people start to connect republicans to Mean, nasty, Nazis as they have been behaving that way.


From the video: "little kids forced to sing Kim Jong Il's praises."

No one was forcing any of the children at the "Kids for Obama" parade to be there. The atmosphere was one of celebration and self-expression, not opression and brainwashing.

What makes me ill about the comparison of this parade to "Hitler Youth"--well, there are a lot of things that make me ill about it--is that the comparison is based on the assumption that kids can't think for themselves. They do have brains, you know, and can form their own opinions when given the facts.

I, for example, volunteered for my first Democratic gubernatorial campaign when I was 15 (incidentally, it was in the red state in which a grew up, and let's just say my parents didn't agree with me). But my parents supported the fact that I could think for myself and could take my own initiative. I appreciated their attitude then, I and I still do, and I want to pass that innate trust and confidence on to my daughter, which is why I was at the parade.

Secondly, many of the people making the "Hitler Youth" comparison probably attend church, and probably bring their kids with them. How is that any different than bringing your kids to a parade in support of a political candidate? I go to church (a Catholic one, for what it's worth); my religion brings me peace and joy, which I want to share with my daughter. So I bring her with me. I fully realize that when she grows up, she may reject our religion and choose her own. I see politics in the same light: Obama's campaign gives me hope and happiness. I want my daughter to share some of that.


Good to have these comments. I took my son to a peace rally on the Canadian border when he was quite young and he came with me during Target Seattle events in the '80s and many other rallies since. When my husband and I protested entrance into the Iraq War, he met us downtown by the Federal Building. When 9/11 happened, he showed up at our house immediately, same after the earthquake when he was at Evergreen. He comes over for all the debates. We discuss everything political. He knew all the Presidents and Vice Presidents by the time he was four (which I didn't know as an adult even!) and read the Almanac to get to sleep. When he was eight, he read a Rush Limbaugh book because he thought he was dangerous. He actually told ME about Rush Limbaugh and also warned me about Newt Gingrich. I mean I was fairly aware, but he knew more details. He got a degree in Political Science eventually. My father was a history teacher so I suppose that all gets passed down, but it's part of our Family Values. I am also proud to live in Seattle. It is a city where I can go to a movie and not wonder how many people in the theater are armed! I can canvass my neighborhood and only run into a couple of Republicans - maybe.

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