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Aging Face

Did you see the video in the next piece with the Dalai Lama - where FOX News
used McCain footage from 2000? To make him look younger?

He cheats too

Senator John McCain and the $62.5 Million Loophole
July 26, 2008 - 3:39pm.
'Honorable' McCain NOT so "honorable"?

Apparently, there is a public finance loophole that candidate McCain created to allow him to raise a substantial $62.5 MILLION in private funds.

According to FEC reports that were analyzed by a blogger JedReports, [ http://jedreport.dailykos.com/ ] McCain can use the funds for his general election campaign at the same time he uses public financing.

"So not only is John McCain blatantly violating his public financing pledge, but he's doing it in grand style, raising money in increments of up to $70,000 per donor --- more than 30 times the amount a donor can give to [Senator] Barack Obama's general election campaign."

Americans just can't seem to find an abundance of ethical officials at national or state / local levels.

Another case in point of the American 2-party political system failing the voters and taxpayers in favor of their special interests.


from Capital Hill Blue - this is good

International affairs. Tell us your view of International Affairs.

A: I have never had an international affair. My wife would kill me. Oh, wait. Oh, yeah. Barack Obama stood up in East Germany and told them commies that he wants to tear walls down. I want to build them. I remember when I first built the Berlin Wall to protect us against Soviet terrorists. I remember when I helped build the Maginot Line to help protect the Polish from Shia insurgents. And I remember how I protected the Alamo from Arab insurgents, supplied and trained by Iran, sneaking through our porous Mexicanian border. Just think if we had built the Canadian-Mexicanian wall before 9/11? We would have kept out those rag-headed terrorists who stole those planes and attacked our nation. That is why the Surge worked. Walls work. It is that simple. Walls and Surges. Building walls and building surges.

look what I found on the internets & it's true!

First McCain has "finance events" instead of "fundraisers" and that's about all he has (of course, he's violating campaign finance law all the while.)

Then he steals Obama's internet tools, like house parties & grassroots activism - & like my son says - "McCain thinks it's still March."

I liked this:

All right, out of morbid curiousity, I decided to venture over to the McCain web site. The face page shows how they are building a "huge" grassroots movement, and there was an area in which you could click on to find "events" in your area. Well I typed in my zip code and asked to find events scheduled within 100 miles of me and, wait for it.............NO EVENTS ARE SCHEDULED!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Then I browsed through the McCain store and found...............old people clothes - truly! For comic relief, if nothing else, check it out. You will really get a good laugh!!


I prefer the Sidney Poitier version

Ally McRepuke

All this French-bashing is getting old. Besides, Sarkozy is a W puppet.

And before there was France, there was the socialist Sweden.

I'm sick of all of this - while the Republicans' buddies in Korea and Saudi Arabia ruin the US unchecked.

Amerisleep cool and healthy memory foam

Euphemisms have been used to "soften the language" when it comes to the condition in combat where a soldier's nervous system has reached the breaking point. In World War I, it was called "shell shock." In World War II, it became "battle fatigue," definitely less harsh-sounding, though two syllables became four.

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