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I sent an email to MSNBC. I've known it and noticed for a long time the US television and other news media are controlled by corporate agendas.

I used to watch a lot of TV news, but the biases are so strong I have dropped my cable. Who wants to pay for propaganda? For youth, it's not even an issue. My adult kids and their friends don't watch TV at all. They get all of their news on the net.

Hopefully the internet will enable a modicum of control that wouldn't exist otherwise. In a few years, it might not be necessary. Corporate news is making itself irrelevant.

Ally McRepuke back in Reagan Country

Also posted by me at Democracy Cell Project:

Maybe they were actually wearing the MEXICAN and NICARAGUAN pins, then removed them for the photo ops. After all, they are from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, where your allegiance is NEVER to the UNITED STATES, but to your barbaric homeland like KOREA and VIETNAM.


You ask where is Ronald Reagan's flag pin. A lot of Congress members started wearing them after 9/11 to show solidarity with Americans. Obama made an public statement that he wouldn't join them, and he assigned meaning to NOT wearing a flag pin. At the time, there were a handful of other anti-Americans in Congress and the Main Stream Media who thought it was "cool" not to wear the flag. So, Obama was following a leftist fad, either to fit in with them or because he is one of them. (His voting record in the Senate is extreme Leftist, while most Americans are center-Right.) So, for Obama, NOT wearing the flag pin is a statement that he is one with those who disdain Americans, the victims of the terrorist attack on 9/11. In recent months, he has worn the flag pin whenever the group he is pandering to was likely offended by his previous statements about the US flag pin. He doesn't wear the pin if he will be pandering to a group of Americans who disdain Americans because they are offended by the US flag. He changes to match his audience. I didn't make it so.

McCain didn't make an issue of the flag pin like Obama did. Sometimes, McCain wears it, and sometimes he doesn't. When he doesn't, he isn't asked questions about his previous actions and statements against solidarity with Americans, because he didn't make any.

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