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BlueBerry Pick'n


oh, so sweeeeeet

we'll only win as long as we remember... it didn't happen unless it's EXPOSED by Independent & Blogging MEDIA!

Keep on talking LOUD, Busheviks can't keep lying if we make sure everybody knows what Progressives know:

we're being HAD.

Spread Love...
... but wear the Glove!

BlueBerry Pick'n
can be found @

"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"


We got 680 hits without my even blog whoring to my email list!


I don't think the links go directly to our site, but the whole issue of the protest has been picked up by Michael Moore!

Just landed on Michael Moore's home page: http://www.michaelmoore.com/

Nyc W. Alberts wrote:
Cross posted to C&L and Thom Hartmann's site.

Watch your hit count, saw YouTube jump from 1,600+ hits to 2,600+ in about 15 minutes, but then it froze.

As many people need to see this as saw Saddam's statue go down.

I've been using the permalink http://silencedmajority.blogs.com/silenced_majority_portal/2007/08/cheneys-neighbo.html and tinyurl for it http://tinyurl.com/2gsxuq so it doesn't get bumped and losted.


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